Use Windows 2003 Server to share printers to Windows 7 machines

Is it possible to share printers to Windows 7 workstations (32 and 64 bit) using a Windows 2003 Server?
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You just need to give your printer an IP Address in 2003 and then point the windows 7 machines to that IP Address or Share Name

jdanaAuthor Commented:

I believe I'm already doing what you recommended.  (If I understood your comment, that is.)  I'm installing the printers locally on the Windows 7 32 and 64 bit machines, then swapping out the local port for a TCP/IP port with the printer's IP address.  

What I'm looking for is a "driver repository" that hands out the appropriate Windows 7 32 and 64 bit drivers when a Windows 7 workstation asks for them (rather than doing a manual install.)  I know I can get this done w/ Windows Server 2008.  Can I get it done with Windows Server 2003?

I also didn't see anything associated w/ the Print Management Console to make be believe it works w/ Vista or Windows 7 workstations.
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I've not had an opportunity to connect a W7 machine to a W2K3 printer but the way I do it is I add the printer in W2K3 and create a TCP/IP port for the printer. I assign it an IP. I install the printer drivers on the W2K3 Machine. Then you want to select the printer | Right Click it | and select properties:

When you are on a windows 7 machine and need to install a shared printer from your w2k3 machine you point to that share and install it; the server should serve up the print drivers needed for the system.

As I said I haven't had the opportunity to do this but it should work as long as you have valid w7 drivers installed on the server.

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jdanaAuthor Commented:

Stupid (and last) question: How do I install the Win7 drivers on the W2K3 machine?  
Do you have the inf file?
Put it In your print driver folder
right click the file and select install
that should work.
If it doesn't I'll post the correct
solution. I've stepped away from my machines for awhile
jdanaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for going above and beyond w/ your series of responses.  I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for the effort guys, helped me alot
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