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How can I bridge a comcast SMC8014 router to a D-Link DIR-615?

I've been trying to bridge this SMC8014 with a DIR-615 for some time now.  The problem is the fact that the SMC has no wireless capability and also does not allow port forwarding to internal IP addresses.  We have comcast business internet but they are absolutely no help in helping fix the problem.  

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
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Question for you:
Are you trying to setup a home network?
Is the DIR615 from Comcast or from a 3rd party?
If this device is from Comcast better check with their tech support for the settings and inquire if they will allow port forwarding.  As far as i know you just have to set your router to Auto DHCP (I could be wrong).
If this router is 3rd party better call DLink for assistance.
check out this site also and see if this helps.
nrking83Author Commented:
Thanks for your quick response.

The DIR615 is a 3rd party router.  I think I finally may have gotten it assigning an dedicated external IP address to the DLINK DIR-615.

Comcast support says port forwarding isnt available on internal IP addresses, so my thought to fix this is to assign DMZ to the netgear's dedicated IP address and allow portforwarding to occur from there.  

I'll update this thread on my progress in case anyone else is having the same problem.

nrking83Author Commented:
I figured out what to do.  Although I'm sure they're is a better way.  I tried assigning the dmz to the router's assigned IP address, this didnt work.  What did work was to portforward the ports I needed to the router's IP address, then use the Dir-615 and forward the port to the specified computer.  It worked like a charm.  To bad I have to do it twice but it works and its a one shot deal wont have to portforward any more ports.  
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