Turning off DEP for JInitiator

Hi experts.

We have a new system that uses Java and Oracle Forms.
Upon opening up the Web Browser, it wants to install JInitiator.

Once installed, Internet Explorer crashes because DEP has come into effect.

Rather than turn it off all together, how would I turn it off just for Internet Explorer and JInitiator etc? I went into the settings and made it protect all except listed programs, and select java.exe (which was in the bin folder of Program Files\Oracle\..\ but still didnt work.

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PoP_AdminConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Have fixed this issue. Turned off "enable memory protection" in the Security of the advanced tab in IE.
Also had to copy the jvm.dll from the JRE folder to the bin/hotspot folder for the Oracle Jinitiator install.
This has stopped the crashes all together now.
This page explains how to turn OFF DEP only for selected applications
This Microsoft support page explains in detail what DEP is and what are the options avalable
PoP_AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I know how to add a program as an exception, but I do not know what program actually runs for the JInitiator etc.
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default installation is c:\program files\oracle\jinitiator_version\bin\jre

PoP_AdminAuthor Commented:
OK I have added java.exe, javaw.exe and iexplorer.exe, yet it still closes saying DEP caused it to close....
what if you turn off dep completely by editing your boot.ini ?
I found some other info regarding turning off dep in IE (option Two)
also see this other EE post regarding JInitiator. Also this might be of some assistance Jinitiator and IE8
If DEP is not important then you can turn it off, there is another software out there that will ensure that your programs don't mess around. 

Hope this helps somewhat.

PoP_AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for those links. I will look over these.
I can't turn DEP completely as for some reason, my Dell BSOD's after a reset (happened twice in 1 day after reinstalling Windows). Google results seems to show that it only happens with Dells'.
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