CPU Fan very loud!

My CPU fan when in turbo makes a lot of noise (when not in turbo it's silent). I want to replace it. Can someone point to me to a silent fan that can replace this?
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I always found Zalman coolers to be cheap and quiet but this can be personal preference.
B HCommented:
we need to know your motherboard and processor to make the right recommendation
Jess31Author Commented:
The MB is mabe by Asus (for HP), processor Intel. Here is the full info of what it is:
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B HCommented:
Jess31Author Commented:
What is the size of these? Cause my case is the Azza Solano 1000 w/a bunch of fans, one of which is huge and will not allow for some of the larger cooling. (someone had given me a Xigmatek which looks very sufisticated, but won't fit cause the top will hit the case fan. I can post a picture if that would be helpfull.) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811517004
Jess31Author Commented:
couldn't I just replace the actual fan, leaving the rest of the cooling system in place?
B HCommented:
the fan i posted:

whole assembly (fan+heatsink) - Dimensions:                      11x11x77cm (incl. fan)
just the fan:         - Dimensions:                 80x80x25 mm

it weighs 850 grams, in case you're planning for weight or a trip on the space shuttle

Jess31Author Commented:
11x11x77cm (incl. fan)
77 cm? how can that be?
the fan that is there now is about 3" or 7 cm square
B HCommented:
wow yeah i see... that's from a site selling it, lemmie look around....   i'm sure it's not almost a foot long.

ok from here:http://www.svc.com/pht-7750.html

overall size:  80x80x85 mm / 95mm diameter

so 8x8x8.5cm, 9.5cm diameter

i think the first site meant 11mm by 11mm by 77mm
B HCommented:
from the manufacturer...

check out the noise chart and blueprints
Jess31Author Commented:
Anything cheaper? I was hoping for something $20 or less
Jess31Author Commented:
I spoke with Azza and they told me that I can remove the side fan or move to the outside, and that I can have room for up to 150mm. So my first thought was to install the Xigmatek that I have here. And I spent 15 minutes trying to install it but it does not have screws rather it has these plastic clips and I was not able to get them in. The fan currrently there is screwed in. It is possible that plastic clips dont' fit into all screw sockets?
If they're like the stock Intel fan/heatsink, you're supposed to have each post twisted in the open position, line up the posts with the holes in the motherboard, push the posts down into the holes, and then twist to lock.
B HCommented:
i'm pretty sure you have a metal bracket under your motherboard which puts the screw holes up thru the board... so you won't be able to clip the plastic down into the mobo holes, unless you take everything totally apart and remove that metal bracket from under the board.  far better to spend the extra $20 rather than do that, it's a lot of work, and lots can go wrong

if you're replacing the heatsink too, use some arctic silver or other thermal paste, after cleaning off the old stuff
Jess31Author Commented:
the one currently on the board is screwed in. I suppose that these plastics are to go into the same screw hole but it does not seem to fit.
B HCommented:
if the plastic posts on your new fan have threads, yeah...   but if they dont have threads, you're supposed to put them into the holes in the motherboard that currently contain metal posts
Jess31Author Commented:
There are no threads on the plastic clips, and there not other holes in the MB that would line up with this cooling device.
B HCommented:
Yeah that goes in the holes in the motherboard.  Your current fan has screws, right?

They screw into metal posts

Those metal posts are not attached to the motherboard, they are a square bracket poking thru holes in the board from underneath the board.

You need either a fan with screws, or, to remove the metal bracket from underneath the board... really, really hard to get to
Jess31Author Commented:
>Hard to get to
yes, hard and risky. But seems most/many of the cooling devices are using these clips. Know of any that are with screws?
B HCommented:
maybe something like this?  good mix of quiet/cheap/screws


so many more out there that are push pins :/
Jess31Author Commented:
Looks nice, was about to order it, then read two reviews on CompUSA that seem to warn that depending on the MB it might be to removed. So I think I will go into CompUSA and see if they have it at the store so that I can return if it don't fit

Make sure your old heat sink mounts with the same type of hold down mount and screws, other wise you will need to remove the mother board from your computer case to install. If mountings match you can install this heat sink fan in about 10 minutes.

Bought this as replacement on thin case. Requires removing motherboard to install. (Mounting bracket goes under motherboard. Had to leave slot fan out due to extra space taken by cooler. Runs fairly quietly and have had no issues since install.
B HCommented:
those reviews are saying that they HAD just the holes and no metal bracket...  they had to remove the mother board to PUT the metal bracket there (it comes with the fan)... so... the opposite of what your situation is.  you already have the bracket there

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