Cisco CUBE, SIP trunks and voice gateways

Pretty straight-forward question here, I think:

We have a customer that currently has Cisco ISR routers (2821s, specifically) serving as voice gateways for PRI circuits at multiple sites.  This customer is converting their voice connectivity to SIP trunks, which were all turned up this past week w/ an Ethernet handoff.  They want to test out the SIP trunking before they officially cut everything over from the PSTN voice circuits.  So...

We need to know if it's possible to have an ISR router operate as the current voice gateway AND Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for the SIP trunk endpoint simultaneously.  This way, they could test the SIP trunking operation w/o any downtime and w/o buying extra ISRs to operate as separate CUBEs.  I don't see why this wouldn't be allowed, but someone indicated today that this MAY not be supported by Cisco (that the CUBE must be a standalone router dedicated to this role).

Looking for input or confirmation either way, and thanks!

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It will work. Not sure if it's officially supported but that shouldn't be an issue for testing
see here

which quotes (under unique features)

Allows for the adoption of unified communications trunks through concurrent support of public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways on the same platform

So I'd say Cisco does support this configuration

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cardsfan73Author Commented:
Perfect - thank you.  (How did I miss that?)   You get full points, GJ - could I ask a follow-up question?  

I believe the voice image already on these 2821s support CUBE operation, command-wise.  So, to implement a CUBE, I don't need to purchase anything else, software/feature-wise.  From what I'm seeing on the Cisco Configuration Tool, there are CUBE license packages (such as FL-CUBE-100 for $9,995 list), which I'm thinking would allow us (in Cisco's eyes) to support up to 100 simultaneous SIP calls over the SIP trunk connection.   Is this correct?   The customer DOES need to purchase this, and just sit the piece of paper on a shelf?

Thanks again for your help!
If your licensed ios image support this featue ,no need to worry about configurations.You can do whatever configuration required to make that ios full functional.


Yes, you need a feature license for CUBE. There are several choices. This covers CUBE functionality (essentially the "allow connections..." CLI) only.Other IOS Features will depend on what image you have. If you already have a CUBE-capable image (such as IP Voice or SP Svcs) and need only the common/basic CUBE features, then you do not need to upgrade, you only need to add the feature license.
If you do NOT have a CUBE-capable image, or wish to use some of the more sophisticated CUBE features (video, flow-around...), then you will need to upgrade to the IVS (no security) or AVS (security) images and add the feature license.
As dinkon4u said you do need a feature license for CUBE these are paper licenses in 2800s but are now enforced in the new ISR-2 range and IOS 15.
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