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We recently brought some laptops with SSD's (Win 7 64bit) and have had problems with ghosting the images from a external drive via USB that previously worked fine - Norton Ghost version 8.2.

So we bought Norton Ghost 15 (assuming that was the right decision).

Problem - I can not figure out how to make this version of Norton Ghost boot off my external hard drive.

With the older version I would boot the system, Press F12, select the USB option, get into dos and type in Ghost.exe which started up the interface to either create or deploy an image.

Any advice would be helpful.
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FrankVarletAuthor Commented:
Re: Rindi - I want to boot from a external hard drive (250GB).

I have resolved this issue (in part) - the following link (page 12) explains how to create a bootable USB drive, although only in FAT32. Which means only 16GB max I believe. However once booted from a USB stick Norton Ghost 15 can detect my larger 250GB external.

Although it would be preferable if I could boot off and save images to the same device but I guess I can figure that out later

Note: You don't really have to do the robocopy section of this article - simply copy the contents of the Symantec Recover Disk you get with the program to the USB.
Isn't it a bootable CD or DVD? You'd just have to but the PC with a USB cd Drive attached with the ghost CD in it, and make sure the system boots from that external CD drive. Most imaging I know of come as a bootable CD or DVD. If this isn't the case, I suggest using bootit-ng, this tool can be used to manipulate partitions, and also for cloning and imaging. The trial version is fully functional (it is only the boot-manager which can be installed that can only be used during the trial period, but that you don't need for your purpose).
Did you run ghost boot disk wizard on your external drive using this new Ghost 15 that you purchased. New ghost has newer hardware support. I have a feeling that's your problem. are you 100% positive that your external had drive is bootable? have you used it on another system?
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