Need to console from Cisco (AUX) to Baytech RS232 port! Help! What is the pin config?

Hello all,

I have a Baytech RPC18 that I need access to. It ONLY has an RS232 RJ-45 port, and I do NOT have the Baytech RJ-45 to Serial adapter.

Cisco RJ45 to Serial adapters are NOT The same pin configuration. The regular Cisco baby blue console cable doesn't work.

Since I don't have the Baytech RJ45/Serial cable, I would like to use whatever baytech's version of a rollover cable is. I want to come out of one of my Cisco router's AUX ports and into the Baytech's console port with an RJ45 cable.

I do this all the time with my Cisco routers. Reverse telnet through the aux port. I'm sure you know how to do it, you telnet to a loopback device.

I'd like to know the pin configuration for this cable please!

I need to access it tonight!

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MaestroDTAuthor Commented:
i found this too, or actually another one just like it on their site, thanks
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