Backup Exec says tape is "Bad Media"

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On Monday morning one of my two Exchange Servers crashed. I have the tape, created by Backup Exec 8.5 and a DLT-V4 SATA drive. I pulled the tape drive out and put it into the other Exchange Server and loaded Backup Exec 8.5. However, when I run an inventory, it comes up "Bad Media". I can put the tape into another server with Backup Exec 11 loaded, and it catalogs the tape just fine. What can I do so that the second Exchange Server can restore from this tape?
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Apart from the obvious (like a cleaning tape), are the tape drives identical and running exact same firmware and Backup Exec updates?
Can you perform the restore across the network by using the version 11 drive, but run the 8.5 software?
bluepigAuthor Commented:
Tried the cleaning tape, and it is actually the same physical drive that I yanked out of the first server and put into the second. However, you are on the right track - it turned out the be the driver version. At first, Windows was using Quantum - no dice. I could not look at the version on the old server, since it was dead, but I figured an older version would be better. Turns out that Quantum works perfectly.
Good idea about the network restore, but my 11 does not have the Exchange Agent loaded - I would have to buy the version 11 agent just for this one restore (if I could even find it).
Thanks for the quick answer!
bluepigAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.
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