how to shut down AVG services temporarily on Windows 2003 server

I have a new program that needs to be installed on the server and it requires the antivirus to but disabled until the program is installed
I am running AVG v9 business edition on Windows 2003 server
Is there a way to temporarily disable AVG on the server until I restart?
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B HCommented:
have to love avg.

you'll need to set that service to disabled, and either reboot, or issue this
taskkill /IM whatever.exe /F
(which probably won't work)

then set it back to auto, and reboot, when done
B HCommented:
start > run > services.msc
for the avg services, right-click, stop
Most likely it has running Services in the background, if your an administrator than just go to services.msc from your run screen, find the AVG services and right click / stop

Upon reboot they will be restarted, this should allow you to do your installs.

Another option (if the above dosnt work) would be to go to run and msconfig, and uncheck all the services / startup items for avg, reboot, install + check on all services and startup items again that were unchecked, restart

johnbowdenAuthor Commented:
I can shut the Admin service down but there is another service called AVG Watchdog that won't allow me to shut that service down.
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