Health Service Unloaded System Rule issue - Operations Manager 2007 R2


I am running into a problem with Ops Manager 2007 R2 (SCOM 2007 R2) and having a hard time finding a solution. I've deployed agents on a dozen of servers including to Windows 2008 R2 domain contollers and those two are giving me some problems. I get and event ID 1102 in the DC's log and the following error in OpsManager:

Health Service Unloaded System Rule(s)  Alert Description
Source:  DC01.domain.local  The Health service 38FDCB26-F959-8876-05F2-FF970F72D891 running on host DC01.domain.local  and serving management group with id {F791DD95-33A8-458B-2F49-69AA6E6B1EE2} is not healthy. Some system rules failed to load.
Path:  Microsoft.SystemCenter.AgentWatchersGroup\DC01.domain.local  
Alert Monitor:  System Rules Unloaded

I've search on the web but what I've found was relating to SCOM 2007 (not R2) and solutions mostly implicated installing SP1. In this case it's a Operations Manager 2007 R2 with a few MP from Microsoft.(AD, SQL, DNS, MOSS)

OpsManager Configuration:
OS: Windows 2008 Enterprise R2
App: Operations Manager 2007 R2
AV: Forefront 2007

DC configuration:
Windows 2008 Enterprise R2
Roles: DC, DNS
AV: Forefront 2007

- Firewall disabled for Domain and Work on both DC's and Ops Manager.
- Tried push install and manual install
- Tried reinstalling and reparing
- All updates installed
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wwwallyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a permission issue.
Configure a run as account for the DC with the appropriate permissions.
The rule will than no longer unloaded.
Phoenix_TechAuthor Commented:
There was a permission that was not configured correctly.
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