Is there a way for pie charts not to have overlapping numbers if very small ratio

Ok Here's the issue Crystal Report 11, I have a graph (Pie Chart) and i have 4 values which 3 of them are small and the fourth one a lot bigger like this 93.4%, 4.6%, 1.5%, 0.5%. The three smaller values get all cramped up together and the percentages overlaps. Is there a way to fix the pies or control the pie charts.

Also wondering if the pie charts can be control on the formatting like for the decimals to show either a period or comma (in french perhaps).

Thank you
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try formatting the chart in the preview mode

Right click it and choose the for,atting option you want
You can drag the numbers around and format them as desired.

geekslayerAuthor Commented:
I went a different direction though because it wasn't satisfying my needs but it was a prompt and right answer just not right for me. But I found a different way and my client is happy.

Therefore thank you.
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