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I am writing a win form app. and am wondering what size of screen should I design the GUI for. I my home I have a 1024x768, 1440x900 and 1920x1200. I would like the app. to be used by other people but I can not seem to decide what size screen it should be optimized for. I have experimented with controls that re-size as the win form is re-sized but it does not look good. What is generally considered to be the best way to handle form re-sizing?
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mbprogrammerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set your form's border style on Sizable mode and place your controls in your suitable position. Then you can bind your controls Left, Top, Bottom or Right by their position with your form with Anchor property. Also you can bind your sizable controls like TextBoxes to left and right for good form resizing.

You can use form's MaximumSize and MinimumSize to preventing controls miss-alignment.
there are a couple of controls for auto scaling...
The best option would be to make your form resizable(adjust according to the screen resolution) but still you'll have to decide the minimum supported screen resolution.
The standard resolution would be 1024  x 768 (most widely used)
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