Dreamweaver - Why does a hidden form field trash Design View

I added a hidden form field to a web page, and the page suddenly looks terrible in Dreamweaver Design View (Image 1).  If I go into Preferences and change tell Dreamweaver to not show the hidden form field, the page looks fine again (Image 2).  

It's worth noting that if I change the hidden form field to type="text" the page looks terrible again (Image 3).  When the form field appears in any way in Dreamweaver (Image 1 or 3), it is right aligned to such an extent that the containing DIV is trashed.

It's also worth noting that the issue is solely associated with Dreamweaver.  If I post the page to any browser, it looks just fine.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi jdana,

Design View is far from perfect and nowhere close to a browser in its ability to render HTML and CSS.  Because Design View includes a ton of DW-specific icons, borders and other elements you can throw off the entire design merely by adding a supposedly invisible element depending on what you are doing with the View states.

In this case, a hidden field actually is not "hidden" for Design View purposes if you represent it as an icon.  DW treats it as if it were a normal text field when it tries to render your page, it just displays the little yellow shield instead of the field.  That's why it works when you turn off the hidden field icons.

Every so often you will generate a design that DW just hates and it appears this is one of those cases.  You can spend a lot of time and effort to find the offending design principle and change it to something DW likes better or you can just ignore it so long as no browsers are affected.
Yes dont use design view I use wamp to do what design view does by using a proper web server (apache) to render the page

jdanaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the terrific feedback.

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