Suggest some framework for java stand alone application


I need to work on a new java project which is stand alone. This is not a web application. I need to know list of available frameworks and their advantages.

I know some like
1) Java Swing
2) Spring Rich Faces

One more thing i need to implement is, tabbed menu's and user is flexible to use multiple windows at a time. Considering the above requirements suggest some good frameworks with some example tutorials.

I'm open to all the frameworks not only java like adobe flex, action script..etc.....

Ravi Kiran Reddy KatkuriAnalyst ProgrammerAsked:
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 Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)

find it here:

Best wishes

consider Qt Jambi as it is a  good framework.

download it here: (at the end of the webpage)

Best wishes
Ravi Kiran Reddy KatkuriAnalyst ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Can you some suggest some more ?
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Sorry, the site looks down (it  was working yesterday :$ )


consider one of the converstion tools

1- trang:

2- Xml schema editor (that can take Relax NG format)

and you may, alternatively, follow these steps:

Best wishes.
sorry, the last comment was not for this problem :$ :$ :$
Ravi Kiran Reddy KatkuriAnalyst ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
We can have a better solution
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