exchange 2007 setup /m:recoverserver problem

I've reset the computer object in AD, made and updated a new server, joined domain with same name and IP. All FMSO roles are in same site as new server. I attempt recovery but get the error after setup copies the exchange files (COMPLETED) but when installing the Hub Transport Role--the first of 4 found roles to recover--(FAILED):
Cannot calculate value of property "AdminDisplayVersion": "The SerialNumber Version 8.1 (Build 302406) is invalid. The format should be 'Version <major>.<minor> (Build <build>.<revision>)' or 'Version <major>.<minor> (Build <build>.<revision>) : <file patch level>'".
I see the correct version numbers are populated in the object's 4 version attributes via ADSI edit. I see setup populated the server's registry with correct values under the various roles in the Exchange keys. Not sure what else to do except delete the sever in ADSI edit--there is no user data i have/need on this dead server's information store. I understand there is no Microsoft supported way of 'manually/forcefully' removing exchange from AD as with 2000/2003, however in this exchange 2007 article: the link at the bottom points to without mentioning that this isn't something recommended for 2007 (I mean, they link to it from a 2007 help page themselves).
Please tell me there's a check box I missed so I can do this correctly or let me know the manual/forceful removal is fine.
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since there is no user data or mailboxes it is fine to remove the server object form the adsi edit and install the exchange roles as a fresh installation
thirdwavellcAuthor Commented:
since I didn't need to save anything on my 'dead' server, his reassurance that i can delete the object from AD worked, but I sure would like to have been able to get to the bottom of my problem and correct the error rather than get around it.
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