Cannot restore any folder in backup exec 11d

I am having great difficulty with restoring a folder with files in it, using backup exec 11d, on a windows 2003 server with a HP Storage Works MSL4048 tape library. I have successfully restored individual files in a folder, but when I select a folder to restore instead of the individual files, the restore will fail. There is no error message displayed after the attempted restore is cancelled.
When I select a folder to restore it will pop up with a reminder to have the agent installed on the destination machine. I have checked and made sure the agent is running and that it is the correct agent. When I run the restore it will say that it is running but nothing happens, even when I leave it for hours. To end this restore I have to cancel the job. The same restore using the files only will take about five minutes in total.
I have also set the agent service to run as the domain administrator account. I have tried to restore to a desktop and a server, I have tried to restore to the same server and drive where the files were backed up from. The backup reported that the files were backed up successfully. I have tried to restore to the server where the backup exec is installed.
I have searched the internet and the Symantec website for clues on how to do a simple restore of a folder to no avail. Throughout our attempts, no error messages have been produced and the files have not been restored.
Any assistance you can provide in rectifying this issue will be gratefully appreciated.

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Rodney BarnhardtConnect With a Mentor Server AdministratorCommented:
This is apparently a known issue in 11D, and they have workarounds. From reading the notes at the bottom of the article, it does not indicate that they ever corrected the problem.
MikeinMackayAuthor Commented:
I have confirmed with Symantic that this is a known problem with no fix
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