C# dynamic columns in CLR table-valued-function?


I have a C# CLR table value function that is working great, but I've encountered an issue that I hope that you can help me resolve.  I have attached the signature for my method here.  The fields that you see listed work great and are always of interest, but...  Here is the rub...  There are a variable number of other fields that I would like to push out as part of the row in FillRow, but all the documentation that I've seen say nothing about having a variable number of fields.  Is it possible?  As I understand it, the TableDefinition is only used by Visual Studio for deploying the assembly, and the FillRow method is responsible for emiting the row of data.  So...  I guess there are two related questions:

1) Can the FillRow method use a variable argument list?
2) Is there a way to provide variable arguments to the TableDefinition?

I have a 2x2 matrix that I need to include as part of the returned row of data from this table value function.  The number of rows and/or columns can vary, so you can see why hard coding field names in the signature is an issue.  I am trying to find a way to output a variable number of fields.
[SqlFunction(DataAccess = DataAccessKind.Read, FillRowMethodName = "FillRow", TableDefinition =
            " [FullName] [nvarchar] (100), " +
            " [EmployeeId] [bigint], " +
            " [RegularHours] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [OvertimeHours] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [HolidayHours] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [LeaveHours] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [InsuranceCopay] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [RegularHourlyRate] [decimal](8, 2), " +
            " [OvertimeHourlyRate] [decimal](8, 2) "

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mjgardneAuthor Commented:
Something like this???  I know that it is not valid code... But a place from which to start...

public static void FillRow(Object theData, out params object[] varargs)
mjgardneAuthor Commented:
It cannot be done...

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