imac proxy settings

Dear Experts,
how can I change my proxy settings on imac?
I want to use a free poxy..
thank you..
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Maheshwar RConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
open up Network Preferences in System Preferences.

From there, go to the Advanced button for the connection you're using, and click the "proxies" button at the top. Check the "web proxy HTTP" box on the right and enter the IP address of the proxy in the box to the right. If you need a login/pw, you can enter it there as well.
BRMarketingAuthor Commented:
Dear omaheshwar,
do you know a good and free porxy ip address that I can visit youtube?
thank you
Maheshwar RSoftware DeveloperCommented:
try tor , download it from here

and select "Installation Bundle for Apple OS X"
it is very easy to use and configure..
BRMarketingAuthor Commented:
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