disable auto format in excel for office web components

I have a program I have written in VBA on top of excel that uses forms, and I have embedded an excel spreadsheet from the office web components toolkit in the form.  I am having a problem where something like '1-16' being entered triggers the auto-formatting and gets converted to '16 Jan'.  I tried to change the formatting of the cells, but instead of giving you a  'format' option, it only gives you a 'number format' option; there is no way to format the cells as text.  I was wondering if there is some property or a way of disabling this annoying formatting in code?  I know that you can precede things by an apostrophe to prevent this, but it's really not practical in my situation.
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Maheshwar RSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Hi peterseychelles, try this:

1. Click Tools -> Options
2. On the Edit tab, un-check the box next to 'Extend Data Range Formats and Formulas'
3. Click OK
peterseychellesAuthor Commented:
The excel web component doesn't have a menu bar, and the version of office I'm using is 2007 so I have the ribbon, however I don't want to disable this function in my actual excel, just for the web component plugin within my form.
I'm not sure you will be able to do this (although I'd love to find I am incorrect).  The only way I found of achieving this was to ensure these values are entered with a single quote preceding them eg:




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Maheshwar RSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I had the same problem.  

There is no way to "disable" the formating..

The way I got around this:  When you open a new spread sheet, all the cells are general.  What I did (before paste) is to select the entire sheet, and change the cell type form general to text.  Then the paste will work properly.

You can use this method on just a column if you wish.

Hope this helps.
Omaheshwar, you did read that the OP is using an Office Web Component Spreadsheet Control, and not a standard Excel worksheet?
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
(Not for points)
Richard is correct - there is no way of turning it off and no Text format option. You will need to use the apostrophe sadly. (I assume you already know that the OWC is not part of Office from 2007 onward)
peterseychellesAuthor Commented:
Yes I'm aware that OWC is effectively deprecated and not really meant to be used any more...but it's so convenient!  Last I heard they were working on a replacement architecture to cover the functionality but that it wouldn't be around until office 2010 is out, which is  shame.  It woud also involve a significat re-write of my program which would take a while adn it's in constant use.

Thanks for letting me know anyway, at least I won't waste any more time chasing it!
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