How to force logoff a administrator console session in Server 2003 remote over RDP

Sometimes I have a 2003 server with a Administrator Console screen staying blue with no desktop-icons, nor Windows Start-bar. The server works fine, I don’t want to reboot as this occurs sometimes more. I can remote login as administrator and this works fine. When logging Physical on the machine as well as remote with mstsc /console the screen is blue with no desktop. Is there a way to force logg-off a Console session of a standard Windows 2003 Server over RDP?

Thanks in advance! Ernst
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Sounds like explorer process is hanging.
You can hit CTRL+ALT+END and RDP will execute a  CTRL+ALT+DEL on the remote machine.
From there you can logoff or any of the usual options you see when you do a CTRL+ALT+DEL.

All you may need to do to restore the desktop though is to open Task Manager and go to File -> New Task -> "explorer".  That will probably restore your icons.  Or you may need to first kill a hung explorer process from Task Manager and then do the above.
Oh and as to logging off the hung sessions, have you tried going to Administrative Tools -> Terminal Services -> Terminal Services Manager.  Right clicking on the session and choosing Log Off from the menu?

Or hitting CTRL+ALT+END, going to Task Manager, and then the Users tab and highlighting the stuck user and hitting the Log Off button?

Those are the easiest ways I can think of... probably there are some more complex CMD line ways but it's late and my brain no worky good.
@ deepakkumarc11:  That article just describes how to use the /console switch.  He already stated he was using the /console switch to mstsc and getting the same results.
@deepakkumarc11 - Thanks, that may not have solved this problem, but it was what I needed!  Worked perfectly to log onto a server that had the max number of TS open.
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