Knoppix - Currupt Vista Machine, Need to get files off the HDD

I have Window Vista Professional Machine and the OS is currupt. I need to get the files off the disk.
I have a copy of Knoppix 6 and I can boot into the graphical interface and view the harddisk but I dont seem to be able to copy Items off the disk...

I dont think I have write access as I cant create new text documents or folder.
I have also plug in an exteral HDD which I want to copy to. This also is read only....I cant create any files on it.

Can some tell me where am i going wrong?
Or advise a good linux OS where I can boot from CD, which has a graphical interface where I can copy the files I need?
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Search for 'VistaPE' on the Internet, it is a bootable CD with utilities to copy files ...
so is Knoppix - you can do more with it  -but it may be corrupt  -can you test it on another PC? i never have problems with it..
>>  I dont seem to be able to copy Items off the disk...  <<  can you explain exactly what happens?
other tool is ubuntu
even from usb :

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I used the OpenSUSE KDE live disc recently to backup some files on a failed ESX host to an NTFS USB key. I found that some older live cd's dont support writing to NTFS file systems which may be part of your problem.
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"Corrupt Vista''.. kind of like "Koala Bear"..

Why not take out the hard-drive and pop it into one of those desktop IDE/SATA hard-drive adapters. You can then plug that into your laptop and drag the files directly off the corrupted hard disk
but if you can't copy files (i had that once) - i solved it by connecting the drive as slave to a working PC with the same OS. i never found out why i could not copy from an XP system
Remount the file systems read-write, e.g.

mount -o remount,rw /dev/hda1

racingjehu - that cd cannot be used here!! illegal software on it !
nobus - whats illegal about it. as far as i can see it has alot of shareware and trial versions on it. please let me know because by no means do i want to be using illegal software in my position. When it comes to this type of software, i am fearly new at it.
it has cracked software on it - that's illegal
Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Smartin - read-only access to your Vista disc is not a problem, is it? You want to rescue files off that disc right?
As for your external disc, that (read-only) may be a Knoppix default. It's easily remedied: supposing it is mounted on /mnt/external_hdd you would type as below.
mount -oremount,rw /mnt/external_hdd

Open in new window

Knoppix is the mother of all Linux live CDs, but it has long stopped to be a viable option for system rescue attempts. I could list quite a few very good reasons here, but that would be off-topic. However, I fail to understand why some people still keep suggesting Knoppix for that purpose.

Smartin, the fact that you have read and write access issues is most likely a permission issue due to the fact that Knoppix has a hidden(!) root account and prohibits actions on files that it considers to belong to root. There is an insider way to get around this, but who knows what issues would come next.

By far the best rescue/maintenance live CD of today is Parted Magic:
It is only 85 mb large, completely graphical, and comes with all the tools Linux has to offer for system maintenance and disaster recovery, plus all the ease a one-time user would want.

Boot your system off this CD, use the graphical mount tool (desktop icon) to mount your HDD (and external drives, if desired), and copy away your files.  There shouldn't be any issue.

nobus is right: That CD you were recommending is notoriously filled with cracked illegal software and should not even be mentioned here on E-E, for obvious reasons.
Since we are not allowed to edit/remove our own posts, I suggest you click the "Request attention" link in the OP yourself, and ask for a moderator to remove the reference.
>>  Knoppix is the mother of all Linux live CDs, but it has long stopped to be a viable option for system rescue attempts. I could list quite a few very good reasons here, but that would be off-topic.   << 

interesting. Torimar, can i contact you somewhere on this issue?
>> interesting. Torimar, can i contact you somewhere on this issue?

Yes, nobus, sure. I temporarily added contact info to my profile.
I know this refrences knoppix but he just want to move files. use bart pe. i use that for things like this all the time. i use TRK and knopix for more advanced things. like password reset and things like that. let me know if you need more info.


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