Retrospect - restoring files created on Windows XP SP2 on Mac Pro [OS X 10.5.8]

+ My Windows XP Professional SP2 laptop died this weekend.
+ I have roughly 120GB of backup files on a Maxtor Onetouch II 300GB external hard drive.
+ There are multiple restore points (7-10, I think).
+ All backups were created with Retrospect HD Express on my Windows laptop.
+ I loaded the Tuxera NTFS plugin (NTFS-3G) so that my Mac Pro [OS X 10.5.8] could recognize the drive.
+ There is one Retrospect folder with 800-odd .rdb files.
+ I talked to Seagate Cust Svc (owners of Maxtor) and they gave me Retrospect 5.0 for Mac.
+ I cannot get it to a) find an existing backup catalog or b) rebuild a catalog from the existing backup files.

My questions:

1) shouldn't I be able to get at these files on the Mac?
2) if so, I have tried working through the following in Retrospect 5.0 (on the Mac):
   - Immediate --> Restore --> "Restore files from a backup" --> Rebuild
   - Tools --> Repair --> "Repair file backup set"
   - Configure --> Devices (the Maxtor doesn't show up on the list of devices, even though Finder sees it and can access the drive...)

No success with any of these.

BTW, I also borrowed a friend's XP SP3 laptop and tried loading the Retrospect software to see if it would work, but Seagate Cust Svc confirmed that SP3, Vista and Windows 7 won't work.  That's why I am trying on the Mac.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


P.S.  This is my first question, so not sure how clear I've been.  Happy to provide additional info as required.  Thanks again...
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I think the problem is in Retrospect Express (RE) itself.  It is not the full-blown version of Retrospect, and I've never been too pleased with it.  I believe it is RE that won't work with SP3 and later versions of Windows, not Retrospect.

And I agree with strung.  Call Retrospect support and see if they can help since the OEM (Seagate) cannot.  However, since the files were backed up in RE, I would find a PC with XP SP2 (or install SP2 on a PC), install RE, and recover the files there.
Have you tried Retrospect's tech support? They are more likely to be able to answer this question.

Is the problem with trying to recover to your friend's PC that your older Retrospect software won't work on his machine, or that it will work, but won't recognize the archive.

It seems to me to be very strange that you cannot recover files from an XP SP2 computer to and SP3. That doesn't make much sense to me. Which version of Retrospect do you have?

I would be surprised if you can recover them to a Mac.
randy_smithAuthor Commented:
I was finally able to get at my backups via a friend's SP2 laptop.  I still haven't been able to get at them from my Mac (preferred), but at least I now have the most important files.

In 2010, I find 4-year-old software that simply won't work anymore completely frustrating and unacceptable, but that's life.

Thanks for the help!
I understand, but I'm just glad you got your files back!
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