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Our Application using NT API to open AD snapin to add users. Not working on 1 of 30 servers

This is a wilde shot, but maybe someone who understand how this works has some idea where to start to lool

Server 2003 64 Bit. We have a custom made application that is used all over the world. To add user the program calls NT API (program made in delphi) and a little windows opens where we can add users to the application. The window shows all users currently in Active Directory.
We have used this on over 30 servers for over 5 years. Only 1 server has the problem.

ITs a very remote server in Africa, so no option to just reinstall OS in the forcomming future.

I can tell that a person has been messing around with this server but we have no idea what he has done (he for sure did not know himself)

The only additional strange thing i can see is that "regiedit" is giving an error "Your administrator has blocked this application"

I have checked the GPO for Domain and the setting was not configured, witch mean it should work. Admin not member of other GPO only Domain Default GPO. If i disable the setting in GPO it works for Admin. I have not had to do this on the other server. Maybe if i find the root to this, I will find the fault. Maybe not.

Can anyone who understand how this works, give some idea how to progress my trouble shooting?

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I think in order for us to be much help we would need to know a few things...

1) Which API are you using?
2) Can we see the section of code it is failing on?
3) Can you show the specific line the error occurs on?
4) Can you give us full information on the error?

I can assume it is an active directory call.  The only time I have seen this type of mess using active directory there was a corrupted profile.  Replacing the profile was the solution.  It sounds like your solution may be more complicated since the registry seems to have been affected as well.

Let us know...
morten444Author Commented:
You are a start. Deleting and recreating the profile, fixed the problem. Thanks
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