How can Microsoft improve there software and support

Hi all

I am taking part in a Microsoft feedback  session tomorrow

This feedback session is set  around how Microsoft can improve their software and support

I am putting together a list of billet points to bring up at  this session and would love to hear what ye all think  should be in this list

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SlouzerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1 year free support for companys that buy over 50 licenses ?
I can't say much about MS support as I have always been told to bugger off, much like linux. but then again you dont pay for linux eh.
Well you pay for MS, so some help with something you paid good money for could be in order it might even spur people on to buy the next years support. Can't say though, cause I never had help from Microsoft.
I only bought one car and it comes with six years unlimited support.. but then my car doesn't crash when i open and close the windows...
govindarajan78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They need to create some light weight products
every time they release a product we need to increase the RAM to runt it faster

The operating system slows down over a period of time

some free upgrades - they say windows 7 is better than vista; at least they can reduce the cost of upgrade
zubairkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you think they developed vista first just to make people hate it so they could make windows 7 and make heaps of money cause people liked the way vista looked but it made you want to gouge your eyes out and bash your head against the monitor?

I think MS Support needs to be free to people who have licensed their software. If i buy a product I want to know that i can ask the manufacturer why it doesnt work the way I intend it to :P
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