How to install jpeg,png,gif,gd ,as a php extensions


How to install following libraries on php running on windows
jpeg library
gif library
png library
gd library

i gone through few links i am unable to understand the steps to follow i am very new to php and these installation

can any one explain step by step procedure for installing these libraries

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ByteridgeAuthor Commented:
Sorry i try to edit the wrong php.ini file that is why the changes are not reflecting on my end

now the issue is resolved thanks for reply
could you give us more details on your means. what are you trying to accomplish? I'm not sure I understand the question.

If you try to create/edit images using php (like captcha) you need to enable the gd library (which is usualy enabled on windows) If it's not enable, open the php.ini file and search for a line
uncomment that line (that is, remove the ';' in front of that line) and restart your webserver.

Please post back with any questions you might have, I'll make it even clearer if needed.
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