Crystal Report Image resolution still not improved

Hello Experts
I have upgraded Crystal 11 with SP4 but I still do not see any difference in the image resolution which I am exporting to the PDF.
Please can soemoen advise what else I can do to improve this?
PS: mlmcc please check if you can further advice me on this.
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I can't really help with the image quality in the PDF files exported from CR.  I don't use images in reports, so it's not something that I've had to deal with.  But, FWIW, as an alternative, you could try using a "virtual printer" that saves the report to a PDF file, instead of printing it.  Maybe you'd get better results with that.  There are a number of them around, some for free.  The one I happen to use is CutePDF Writer, but there are others.  And if the results still aren't what you're looking for, you might be able to change some "printer" settings to improve them.  For example, these virtual printers pretend to be a Postscript printer, so there are various Postscript settings you can change (at least with CutePDF).


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I also don't use images often and then the ones I have used worked well.

I agree.  Try changing the printer driver especially if you never need to print the actual report.
You can try any printer driver that you can get.  The printer itself doesn't have to exist on the machine or network.  You only need the printer driver on the machine(s) that do the exporting.

I did this for a client's report that used an old color ink jet.  I just added the driver to my development machine and then the reports printed correctly for the client.

Good idea to change the printer driver and try the export again.  I was thinking about an alternate way to get the PDF file, but with a different printer driver, maybe the export will produce better results.

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newbie27Author Commented:
Thanks both for your input.
Let try to explain what I am trying to do with the CR reports.
I have a plain book cover as in jpg image which I use it as a background in CR and then load the customers data dynamically for their details to appear on the page before expoting to the PDF.
Please see two files attached to it, the jpg image which is about 235 DPI resolution when I export this file with the data to the PDF, the image quality is very low.
Please advise
It's been my experience that Crystal Reports doesn't do a good job when resizing images.  It looks like your JPG is much larger than the intended output.  If you do your resizing in Photoshop (looks like that's what you used to create the image) and then put it in crystal without resizing it there, you should see better results - at least that has been my experience.  I haven't ever used an image that consumes the entire print are before though.  Good Luck.
newbie27Author Commented:
hi gkford
i am not resizing the image at all, the CR is been configured to print slightly bigger than A4 using Xerox printer.
i am adding the image straight to the report without making any size adjusments.
When I add your image to a Crystal Report, it is 13.13 inches by 9.45 - I didn't resize it and exported it (from the designer) to a PDF just to test, and the image quality is better than the PDF that you attached.  I've attached mine - please disregard that the image is larger than the page size that I had selected for my report.  I don't know whether or not this will help - just an observation.

Hmm.  I don't really see anything wrong with the PDF file that you posted, but maybe it's just me.  Can you point out something specific about the image that makes you say that the quality is "very low"?

 Your PDF actually looks a little better (sharper) to me than the one posted by gkford.

newbie27Author Commented:
Please view my version of PDF in the photoshop and zoom it to 300%, you will note the difference..... its much visible when i see the printed version of the book...

thanks for looking
We actually went to using .PNGs instead of .JPGs a while ago because Crystal seems to handle them better - you could try this and see if it helps...  We don't actually use images in Crystal for anything that is expected to be production quality - just reports and invoices and such.
I'm not surprised that you see some artifacts when you magnify the PDF to 300 %.

 Have you tried the earlier suggestions to try other printer drivers or a virtual PDF printer?

 gkford's suggestion to try another type of image is also interesting.  Maybe some scale better than others.

newbie27Author Commented:
Yes, I have tried but I am not finding any improvement in the resolution. I have upgraded with CR SP4 but still no luck...
Hmm.  I don't know what else to suggest.  I've been quite happy with the PDF's produced by CR, but I'm not trying to do anything like what you're doing.  It may just be a limitation of CR.

newbie27Author Commented:
I dont understand either, I even dont know if I can try anythign else now .....

thanks anyway
newbie27Author Commented:
i just want to close this question although i have not found the answer to my problem yet but you deserve for the time you guys have spent on this for me...
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