Unable to configure BizTalk Group in multiserver environment


i am trying to configure BizTalk in Multi-Server environment

Windows 2008 Server (64 Bit)
BizTalk 2009
SQL 2008

SSO & BRE got configured.
Group and BizTalk Runtime are failing.
DBs are getting created and then rolled back immediately.
Any help is very much appreciated.

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krishna_harikAuthor Commented:
HI Murli
thanks for the reply.

I got the problem solved and that was a permission level issue.

Do we have a check list to verify the permissions needed fro a BizTalk environment either in a single server or Multiserver environment?

I mean to say, the roles and the respective permissions etc.

i haveconfigured 2 such multiserver biztalk setups and still i miss something and struggle in getting it done.

plz provide any refs if u got.

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