Limewire on Mac 10.6

Due to problems on a Mac network with disconnections etc, I have come across one machine that has Limewire for Mac running on it, does this later version of it cause problems as in the past, does it generate unnecessary network traffic or block others on the network in any way, is it recommended to use it or get rid of it.  From past experience I would have trashed it, what about the new one.

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If the user is sharing files, and depending on the settings, it could possibly create many connections to the computer and a lot of outbound network traffic. Just my opinion, but new or not, I would not allow any peer to peer programs on my network. You could be creating a security hole and depending on your environment, that may or may not be an issue to you.

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Based solely on past experience, with little-to-no knowledge of their current product, I avoid Limewire like the plague with my clients.  It was a disreputable service a few years ago, installing hidden software on PCs, causing slowdowns and lockups, and that's ignoring the fact that they couldn't control what was being installed on a PC from file sharing.  I don't trust them.  There are plenty of reputable alternatives out there.
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