Alternative solution to Flash 3D Wall with XML

I am looking for a non-Flash alternative to this 3D wall:

Basically I need the same functionality outside of Flash with the ability to access a MySQL database OR use XML to get elements.  Static programming of the image elements are of no use.

I don't mind paying for a license if its worth it.  Thanks!
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I don't know if there is a JS-alternative to the 3D Wall (with the same 3D functionality) but here's a list of (mostly) open-source Slideshows using JS or CSS (or a combination of both) to display images:

If your images are stored in a MySQL table, load the list of images inside your PHP script and combine it with one of the suggested slideshow scripts; if you found a slideshow that you like, let me know and I will help you implement it.
Never seen anything outside flash that will give you that effect, sorry.  It would take years of programming to try to duplicate that effect, I think.  If you want it, then use flash and move on ... for now ....
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