Windows 2008 Domain Replication Issue

We currently have 3 domain controllers (2 running W2008, 1 running W2000 - soon to be retired) within a single domain.

All DC's are Virtual Machines (running under VMWare). At the weekend our primary domain controller (the one with the FSMO, PID etc. - running Windows 2008) crashed during its vRanger Back-Up putting the server into a down/off state for about 14 hours.

After trying to boot the server a VMware error message kept appearing - I mananged to sort out this error which was caused by a corrupt snapshot

At present, the domain is still functioning - people can still login, I can add new machines, passwords can be changed, DNS, DHCP  and WINS still OK

When the Domain Controller came back on-line everything seemed OK but after looking in the event log - Directory Services it shows 3 warning mesages (Event Id 2093) and 3 error messages (Event Id 1863)

On the failed server when I try to access the Active Directory Users and Computers module it displays the following error - 'Naming information cannot be located because: The target principle name is incorrect'

I think that the primary controller is out-of-sync with the other two controllers - how do I go about getting everything back in-sync again  
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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
Transfer the FSMO roles to the available W2K8 Domain Controller and demote the crashed DC. Cleanup the metadata if needed and then promote a new W2K8 DC with a new name and then try to replicate. I guess this would solve the issue.
try shutting all the servers at the same time
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Check replication topology from active directory sites and services.
in windows 2008 server
start > programs > administrative tools > active directory sites and services > click on site that in which other servers exist or if you dont have created any sited check expand default first site > expand server > expand "server name" > NTDS settings > right click on it > all task check replication topology.
do the same for all sites if you have more than one sites.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
Never use snapshots with DC running as Virtual Machines as you would have issues with USNs and replication.
Darius GhassemCommented:
If you used a snapshot you have the potential of corrupting you AD this is why snapshots are not supported on a DC. I would move all critical roles over to a existing DC.

Demote the failed DC.

Run metadata cleanup.

Delete all DNS records for this DC.

Run dcdiag on existing DC to check for errors.

Run dcpromo on server to promote back to a DC.
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