Short cut to set headset microphone volume in Vista

Right click on the system tray sound
Recording devices
Headset microphone
Levels Tab
Set the level with the slider

Above are steps I have to do every time I plug my headset microphone in which is something I do four or five times a day.

I'm wondering about a shortcut or script to do this?
Can anyone help with the one  or two click solution?

sir plusSales ManagementAsked:
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There is a freeware tool called Volumouse that enables you to control sound levels directly with the mouse.
also the Vista mixer is for outpu only. For input you'll need to right click on the speaker icon and set the levels for your independent input devices manually
Locate mmsys.cpl
right click and select "Send to"
Select "Desktop (create shortcut)"

I think that'll do it for you.
sirplus--What does the microphone do if you do not go through this routine?  Are the levels changing each time you plug it in?  Sounds like the mike is not being correctly recognized.  Go into
Device Manager (or go to the manufacturer's site) and see if looking for new drivers helps.  Or uninstall and reinstall the mike.
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sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
"Drivers for Logitech microphones and headsets are included within the Operating Sysytem (OS). Therefore, you do not need separate drivers." -FromLogitec support web site.

The usb drivers were found by OS (Vista), located installed automatically from the so which has autoupdate enabled. So I aren't sure you are right about it being a driver issue.

The heqadset & microphone are correctly identified by the os.

Its a logitec and it plugs into a logitev usb dongle, volume goes to 100% every time I had plug it in after a reboot or system suspends.

I am using it with MS speech recognition which has the ability to set the mic volume.

When I unplug it and reconnect or let MS speech recognition control the mic, it sets it to 100% and won't work due to detecting evey little background noise or overmodulating.

When I turn it down to 20% it works great.
I think its a MS issue as it uses MS driver and it's MS voice recognition.

Volumouse looks really good but I can't get to work,
I have a choice of three logitec headsets I can use
Further down you can specify the microphone component etc.
The slider only appears to work for one of the headsets probably the one I'm using currently but doesn't actually change the setting.
If I choose any of the other two headsets shown the slider doesn't actually changing the value.
The slider value does not correspond with the microphone level slide value on the microphone driver accessed from right clicking in the system tray

Thats better, it cuts out a right click & select but I really want to do with one dbl click or a script etc.

It's really frustrating having to perform the same 7 steps routinely & multiple times per day.

I have uninstalled and reinstall the Mike/headset a number of times.

When I go on to the playback device there is a microphone recording level set there.
Setting the according level there seems to work as well
It's a pity the microphones slide slide doesn't show up in the Vista sound mixer.
I remember back in windows 98 the used your way you could make it show up in the mixer control panel.
sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
Oops  I forgot to attach the screenshots
sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
There are some more screenshots confirming the order vice drivers are correct as well as the additional slider showing up in the playback devices instead of recording devices
Well a batch file will get you the Windows 7 volume control...but I don't have a Logitech USB microphone so I'm not sure this will work:

Open Notepad and save the blank file to your desktop as SNDVOL.BAT

+++++++++++++++++++++++++Add the following: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

cd %windir%\system32

That batch file will work on Vista too...sorry for some reason I thought you were on a W7 machine.

Anyway...another route to consider for what you specifically want to do is use a piece of Freeware; one such tool is AutoHotKey which you can download here:   essentially it assists you in setting a keystroke to adjust your volume or virtually anything you want to do to elminate several keystrokes you must take to complete a workflow task.


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sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
the batch file doesn't work as in vista the microphone is not available in mixer - I think its a case of MS breaking something so I am inclined to buy the update later lol.

autohotkey is awesome!

All I do is push crtl+alt+s and it does the rest.
This is a very powerful program and thanks for trashing all my spare time for the next month as I can just see unlimited applications for scripts I will have to write.

Thanke to everyone I am giving all points to gemarti for the tip to use mmsys.cpl and the autohotkey scriptng program which made it a breeze.

Here is the script I made.

IfWinExist Sound
    Run mmsys.cpl
    WinWait Sound

Click 100,48
Click 137, 127
Click 343, 393
Click 87, 46
Loop 4
    Click 199,105
Loop 4
    Click 95,111

Click 200, 434
Click 200, 434


Open in new window

sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
Well done
I really appreciate it!
sir plusSales ManagementAuthor Commented:
The second loop 4 is Meant to be Loop 3 as its working the slider
The first turns it all the way up and the second back down so that last click drags it up to 40% from 20% which is already what I wanted.
Kewl..trashed time doing something that will save time isn't wasted. :-)

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