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I have Adobe CS4 and Acrobat on a Win2003 Terminal Server (Citrix Presentation 4.5).  I was searching c: to free up some drive space and came upon 3.5gb of data for each user located at documents and settings\%userprofile%\local settings\application data\adobe\updater6.  Under that there is an install directory which contains what looks like mostly zip files for the various products.  I'm trying to find out if this install directory or the entire updater6 directory is safe to delete, and then, can I disable something so this does not show up again for every user.  I assume there is an "updater" running for each user, and somehow I can disable it.  If I need to run the updater, if I run it from the administrator logon, it should update the programs for all users, right?
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Brian_MBAuthor Commented:
It looks like there are some articles ( and some adobe tools to install to terminal server which, if I'm reading correctly, can disable updates etc.  Being that I'm going to be installing a new terminal server and getting rid of this one, I'll see if using the tools to install to the new server will fix the problem.
B HCommented:
it will update for all users if done from admin... and it will run as all users until you delete those folders.  there's no easy way to turn it off.

you would need to go into each adobe program as each user and turn off updates... even then, it will STILL update anyway, as each user.

check your control panel and see what you can uninstall... like adobe air,, adobe download manager, etc.

you might remove the users permissions from the associated updater folders in their accounts too, just to be sure
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