How to setup DMZ Configuration

I have the following requirement for our test lab setup:
1. I have a Linux Machine with 4 NICs. NIC-1 connected to public Internet (IP: 220.X.X.X), NIC-2 connected to Internal network(IP : 192.X.X.X), NIC-3 needs to be configured for DMZ (IP : 10.X.X.X), NIC-4 connected to extenal network (IP : 133.X.X.X)
2. Since the Linux machine is having 4 NICs, I have used IPTABLES and able to connect internet from all networks (192 series, 10 series and 133 series).
3. I need to configure the following :
Connection from  133.x.x.x to 192.x.x.x should go through 10.x.x.x (DMZ)
Connection from  220.x.x.x to 192.x.x.x should go through 10.x.x.x (DMZ)
and vice versa.
The basic idea is : the public internet should not able to directly communicate my internal network (192 series), It should always go through 10.x.x.x

Pls help in configuring this

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