Services show as STARTING or STOPPING, but nothing happens

Sometimes, we need to STOP or RE-START services for many reasons. Sometimes we get errors related to the service not being able to completely STOP, START or RESTART and the service stays in a STOPPING or STARTING status for ever.

We have not found any other way to reset this than re-starting the server, but this is something very annoying in production environments.

Is there another way to RESET a service from this limbo status?

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can use NET STOP <service> and NET START <service>, but I don't warrent that this will work any better. Somtimes a machine has to be restarted.
phermiAuthor Commented:
KCTS: We have tried that already. Does not do it
B HCommented:
find out the executable name, from the service properties
then do
taskkill /IM that.exe /F
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