Can I recover emails after deleting email account in Mac Mail

I recenlty set up a new email account for a client. They had recently changed ISP and therefore email also. I removed the original email account and that seems to have removed all emails accociated with that account.

Is there anyway i can recover these emails? I have looked in Libraries\Mail but can't see anything.

P.S- I was never warned about deleting the emails otherwise i would not have opted for that.

Thanks Guys.

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vidovicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once you locate the old email account folder ~user/Library/Mail,  inside are all the email folders- sent, in box, etc.

From your email application choose File > Import Mailboxes > Apple Mail and navigate to the folder above, you will be able to import all the previous emails that were stored on then server. Good luck.
If you do a search, I think you will find this question has been answered before relatively recently. I am just on my way out the door, but if you can't find it, I will look when I get back.
According to Apple it is gone:

     Removing an email account

     You may want to remove an email account from Mail, for example if you no longer use the account.

     Important: Removing an account will permanently delete its mailboxes, messages, notes, and to do items. If you want to keep those, be sure to copy them to an On My Mac mailbox before deleting the account.

Is there any backups available you can capture the data from?
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You might be able to recover the old account using DataRescue III -

There is a free demo which will tell you what files can be undeleted.
By the way, were you looking in the right place for the Mail folder. You need the one stored in the library folder in the user's home folder, not at the root of the hard drive.

See also:
ITTRAuthor Commented:
Hi Strung,

Maybe i was looking in the wrong location. i beleive I was looking in root of the hard drive. Thanks for all of the links to.

Thank you all for the quick responses. i won't be back at the clients home for a little while now so I won't be responding with any news for a little while. I'll folow this up in a few weeks and give the points out then.


Thanks again to all who helped.

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