.m2ts, .m2ts.moff , .m2ts.modd extentions

Dear Sir,
                 i have sony handycam hdr-cx150 . i took some pics and vedio recordings  , pics are coming in normal mode , but the vedio recordings which i did is omming in .m2ts, .m2ts.moff , .m2ts.modd extentions  , which player do i need to play these vedio files .
also each image creates 3 files with same name and different extentions  as :-

which file should i play out of these 3 .and which one should i delete ?
also i want to connvert these vedio files into AVI or
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Just ignore the modd and moff files. The video is in the M2ts files, which you can play by downloading the free VLC media player:  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html

If you want to convert the files you can use a programme called Super from E-right Soft, which is free:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Super download.

Just keep in mind that AVI is not a codec, it's just the wrapper for the codec -- and a very old wrapper.
But your video is essentially an H.264 so if you want to convert to AVI wrapper use the H.264 codec in super.
You should also consider the reasons why you want to convert the video to AVI as it is an outdated wrapper.  If it is just for viewing you should simply convert your video to MPEG-4 with an MP4 extension. It will then retain the H.264 codec.
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