How can I get my email stationery to stop tiling on some computers

I use Windows Mail with Vista and have created a business logo stationery. For some reason on some PCs my logo letterhead is tiling making it impossible to read my email.
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Simply add your letterhead/logo as a 'signature' instead of 'stationary'.
I agree with KCTS that stationary is very annoying.  Signatures on the other hand are fine.

If you need graphics in your logo, you will need to publish your logo to the web then make reference to it in your html file.
For example paste the code snippet below into notepad and save as signature.htm
Replace the:
"" with the public location of your image.

<table align="center"><tr><td align="center"><img src="" width=""><br/></td></tr></table>

Open in new window

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The simple answer is that you can't - It all depends on screen resolution, of the screen is larger than the image, then the image will tile. This is bny design. the idea ia that the image can be quite small and sent once with the message and then tiled to create the stationary. Large images simply bloat the message and should be avoided. Personally I'd avoid all stationery, it just make the email look 'trivial' and adds to sending/receiving times and storage space and it annoys people !
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