Symantec Ghost image storing

How do you store image using crossover cable?
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There are several ways to do it, but I'm going to give you my preffered way of doing it
Install GhostCast on the other machine (machine that you are NOT imaging). and connect the two computers with cross over cable. Then boot the machine that you want to image with a network enabled ghost boot disk (use the ghost boot disk wizard to create one)
and that's it. Let me know if you need details because I assumed you know how to do most of the stuff and how to use ghostcast.
By the way which version of ghost do you have?
career134Author Commented:
It sounds like I could not convey the question well. I am not asking how to image a machine using a cross over cable. I've done that many times. My question was, how to store an image using cross over cable. Here is a possible scenario: I have a newly imaged laptop, which I am about to give to a staff member. To preserve the image of the laptop the way it was at the time of the transfer, I would like to store that image on an external hard drive, attached to the Ghost Server (the computer which has Ghost installed). The way I do it now, is connect the laptop to the network, boot with a boot disk, and transfer the image to the Ghost Server with the attached external hard drive. I was wondering whether I can transfer the image to the Ghost Server via cross over cable, not using the network or if I can transfer the image directly onto the external Hard Drive, which might be even more efficient.
I still don't see what's keeping you from grabbing the external drive and plugging it into the Laptop with USB and doing a copy and paste. Am I not understanding the question or what?
As far as cross over, you have to share the external hard drive from your Server then your laptop will see the shared drive. Then manually assign two IP addresses; one for the laptop and one for the server and they will talk to each other directly without any switch or network. That's what the crossover cables do.
Laptop IP Address: Subnet Mask
Server IP Address: Subnet Mask
That's it. Then on your laptop go to run and do \\\SharedDriveName
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snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Once the image is made; *.gho along with *.ghs files, that group of files must be maintained in the same folder.  That being said, as long as those files are together, you can transfer those in any method you want.  However, to get those files onto an actual hard drive to be booted, you will need the ghost software to assemble them into a booting machine.  Simply copying and pasting or FTPing, etc. wile not make a bootable system.  The image has to be decompiled in such a way to make it work.  Consider if you use a cd copying software to make a copy of a Windows xp install cd... you may end up with an iso file.  Without a program like Nero, that is all you'll iso file.  But with a program like nero, you end up with a fully bootable install cd for windows xp.

Now you can transfer that iso file via many network protocols and store them as you would any file.  But to make it a legit bootable cd...ot ghost image vs a bootable system, you need the ghost software.
I know all that I'm an IT professional and I have been using ghost for over 10 years now.  Now, going back to your issue, this is what you said in your previous post
"To preserve the image of the laptop the way it was at the time of the transfer, I would like to store that image on an external hard drive"
What I understand from that statement is that you want to preserve the Gho files along with the rest of the ghs files. Do you see what I'm talking about? But now from your last post I see that you want just a clone of that laptop hard drive before giving it to your staff member.
If that's th case then image the hard drive the same way you created the original image on a blank hard drive.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
@emilgas - My information was not intended for you, it was directed towards the OP.  But it's good to hear that you have experience all the same. :-)
career134Author Commented:
I do not have yet the *gho and the *ghs files. I have a computer A (disregard the fact that it was imaged) and an external hard drive, attached to a computer B. Computer B hosts the Ghost Cast Server software. So, I though the question was simple. How do I create the *gho and the *ghs files and store them on computer B, without using the network.

Question #2 would be: Is it easier to create and store the *gho and the *ghs files onto the external hard drive?

I appreciate very much your expertise and the time you have taken to think about and answer my question. By the way my version of Ghost is not new, it is 7.5
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Last one first, you should be OK with 7.5 if you are not imaging Vista or 7.
You can do a machine to machine replication. I think, given your questions, it would be easier for you to...
  • Set up a ghost session on computer B where it saves the gho and ghs files on its external storage.
  • Boot machine a to machine b via the network and join the aforementioned session.
  • After the session is complete, you will have your gho and ghs files on the external store
  • You can then re-image any machine with this image you just created...with the caveat that the new machines need to be very similar (preferably the same) in hardware.
This info is based on my understanding that the computer A is the one you want to replicate.
career134Author Commented:
Please, do not forget that I am trying not to use the network as the network is quite loaded as it is.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
If you must not use the network, you can use the GhostBoot Wizard to create a bootable CD for Compute A.

However, another relatively simple option is to use the network to boot only. This will get you the ghost software on computer a with little or no overhead from the network.
  • Connect the external storage to Computer A and boot to network.
  • Select Local > Disk > To Image
  • Select the correct local Source drive to be imaged
  • Select the external starge device to store the image
  • Follow prompts to inmitiate imaging
When you are done, you will have the gho and ghs files on your external storage with no load on your network.

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snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Sorry, fat finger...
That last step is to read; Follow prompts to initiate imaging
TO Career134: you mentioned that you are trying to avoid the network, in that case if your computer A and B are in close proximity to each other then you can youse cross over cable to connect them directly.
career134Author Commented:
It works! Thank you so much for your help.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Which method did you use, career134?
Good Job
career134Author Commented:
I booted on the network and then followed the steps suggested by Snafumaster. However, the initial suggestions by emilgas were very helpful as well.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Teamwork is a great thing.
Thanks for following up, and glad to hear you're all set!
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