Outlook 2003 SP3 on a Win XP SP3 machine


I have a new HP pro 3005MT pc which was installed onsite. With in one week i have been having issues with this customers outloo2003 generating a error message listed below
1023 .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3607 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (7A09795E) (80131506)

it is followed with another net frame error for .net frame. It runs fine then closes out randomly. He also had a GUerror from google tool bar and i removed that for the moment. He also has xobin on his pc.

Can anyone tell me what canbe causing this issue on this pc.
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Refer this:

Hope this helps,
NetworkParamedicsAuthor Commented:
thanks, i am awaiting to see if the user calls or emails me on this issue again. if he does not then i know it was the google updater program that comes with the tool bar for google. I did however run a change through add and remove programs as well to the .net frame 2.0 last night and alot of errors seem to vanish.

But i did see this post but was not sure to install it yet as i wanted to see if anyone else ran into the same issue.

The user connects to a 2003 server system but all functions of the pc work but his email randomly closing out or locking up. so i appreciate it and will let you people know how it works and if not i will run that hot fix tool.

One other question, why does everyone say it is a SQL error causing this issue just curious......
NetworkParamedicsAuthor Commented:
he had a valid article and it was not the solution though.
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