Tray 3 doesn't show up through Terminal Services but works fine locally


I currently have a problem with printing through Terminal Services. Locally the user can print from tray 1, 2, and 3 without any issues. However, when connected to a terminal server only tray 1 and 2 show up and tray 3 does not. The printer is an HP 4015n, the client is on XP SP3, the terminal server is Server 2003. Has anyone had this same issue before?

Thank you for any help.
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Nenad RajsicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it sounds like you need to configure your print driver settings on the terminal server. (compare the settings with one of your workstations on the network)

is tray 3 installed/added after you installed the printer on your server?
MrN1c3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check that you are using the correct driver on the terminal server
WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
Ahhh, you know what...I don't think the Terminal Server has any print driver installed at all (but some printers work??). I thought that since it was mapping printers from the client machine it didn't need to. I'll give that a shot and report back with my findings. Thank you!
WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
What I needed to do was to add the printer to the TS and configure the options. I also, changed the settings to the clients session printer to the proper settings [The terminal session printer settings in Printers and Faxes].
WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys! I added the printer to the terminal server and setup the settings and I also changed the settings for the client's printer that was in the terminal session at the same time (I know it isn't the best for trouble shooting to make two changes but needed to make the fix fast) So one or both of these solved the issue thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Best Regards.
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