Logoff scripts not running anymore

A couple a days ago the logoff scripts fails to run.

The scripts are assigned through a GPO to the terminal servers OU, loopback processing are enabled and set to merge, scripts are in the User Config > Windows settings > Scripts > Logon/Logoff. The logonscripts from the same GPO are running fine.

When I use RSoP for the users I find the scripts in the result.
I also find the scripts in registry under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current version\Group policy\Scripts.

I have watched the users processes on the server when they logoff, but can't see the usual gscript.exe and the rest of the logoff process which should be there to take care of the users profile.

The GPO and the logonscripts have been running fine for a couple of months and no changes have been made to them.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

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micmyhConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This issue has now been pinned down to ThinPrint and was resolved by uninstalling TP from our terminal servers.
check event viewer... because you checked that rsop is showing the proper settings, I think that this is still set properly.  However, the script my be missing from the GPO directory...

go into the policy and verify that the script exists... infact, you may want to recopy it...
micmyhAuthor Commented:
The scripts are all placed under they sysvol\scripts-folder. I have checked all domain controllers and verified that they are there and that the users have read and execute rights. I can see the placement of the files under the registry-path mentioned above.

Do you know if this is the correct path for my environment. I've seen some post mentioning HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\Scripts\ , but in my case it doesn't contain any scripts. (W2K8 x64)

Will try to put the logoff scripts in a new gpo put on the OU for the users tonight and see if that helps.
about 6 minutes into this video, you can see where he adds the vbs script... he copies it into the GPO directly... this is what you shoudl do...
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