Use Wireless Router as Access Point?

Hello EEs,


I have one  WAG54GS Linksys ADSL Router (Cisco).

I want to use it as a Access Point to connect to some wireless devices laptop & mobiles specially.

what all i tried i.e. i put one ethernet  lan cable(coming from switch) to Linksys router.
then i have given router ip as (our lan address) & given the gateway too by selecting RFC 1843 Bridge & tried other option also like Bridge only, PPPoE as well with no success.

Current Internet setup of my office is :-
ADSL Line-------->Cisco Router----------->Cisco PIX firewall------->switch--------> (Linksys WAG54GS  ADSL Router {Proposed})------>All Servers  & Desktop PC.

Kindly let me know how can i setup my ADSL router to act as a wireless access point.

Pls let me know the wireless setting to be done in this router.

For your ref. I am attaching some snaps of my router config page here.

An earlier reply will be appreciated,

Many thanks

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If you already have your ADSL connection setup, a firewall, and the wireless router assigned a static IP address, you shouldn't enable the NAT firewall on the second router and you wont need to setup any authentication like PPOE.  It sounds like you are wanting to put 2 routers on the same network, with the second one being used as a wireless access point to just take wifi signals and push them to the existing network infrastructure.  I would think you would want to setup the second router in bridge mode for that.  

All your settings on the first Internet setup page should be cleared out and set to automatic dhcp and bridge mode.  The ip address you are specifying as the static ip address is not really your network address, that page is intended to house the internet provider's static ip address designated to you.

This might help - it's a linksys article on connecting a router to another router.**&p_li=&p_topview=1
On second glance, it looks like you are setting up your linksys router to act as the primary router where the adsl line is coming into.  If you already have a cisco router performing the adsl functions, then the second router would need to be setup to act like a switch with wireless capabilities.  I assume that you have 2 physically seperate routers?
What will make the difference is if you can specify the default gateway on the wired LAN. By the looks of your screen shots this doesn't appear to be an option. In this case it will want to use the WAN gateway which of course wont exist as your not connecting it to a DSL service. The settings in screen one I would guess apply to the WAN interface (DSL line) which given your setup your not using.
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If you want the linksys router to function as an access point only, plug the cable coming from the switch into one of the LAN ports on the Linksys WAG54GS  ADSL Router, do not plug it in to the WAN port.  Turn off DHCP services on the ADSL router, and make sure it has a unique IP address (which it looks like you have already done.)  After that you should be good to go.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Thanks htowntechy for your valuable reply,

As i stated i just want my new Linksys router to be used as a Access point only.

Yes, my current adsl setup is working, if i have to give internet access to any PC i have to put manually
ip address: 192.168.100.XX
subnet mask :
Gateway : (Pix Internal IP)
DNS   : (Internal DC)

Now i want to put 192.168.100.XX ip into wireless Linksys router.
kindly explain how the wireless device will get the ip address from this wireless router which must be in my lan ip like 192.168.100.XX,
what dhcp server address i need to put if i select DHCP server coz i am not having any dhcp server in my network.
do i have to disable NAT & RIP in advance routing button with Bridege Mode only in Encapsulation setup page.

In simple words i dont want to purchase Access Point for my wireless device since i have this Wireless ADSL router in spare.

No, I dont want Linksys router to be primary router, adsl line is not coming here into Linksys. only one ethernet cable is reaching to Linksys router.No I have these 3 routers:-
1. Cisco 1603 Router for my lease line
2. Aztech ADSL Router for Internet Business line
3. Linksys wireless router for wireless device to be connected (this need to be setup)


Thanks ShrCol for your reply,

No i dont & am not using DSL line for this router sine the only ethernet cable coming from lan switch going into this Linksys router.

thanks aschaef217 for your reply,
i did not pluged any wan port just connected ethernet coming from lan switch & turned off the dhcp with the unique ip.,but my mobile was not able to get the ip from this linksys router & when i put the wireless security off then my mobile was connected but i did not get the internet on my mobile.

Kindly advice:
which Encapsulation i have to select?
do i have to give static ip to linksys router?
do i have to enable DHCP Server on this router?
do i have to disable NAT & RIP in Advanced routing page?

Kindly let me knwo what all i have to do to give access internet to my mobile devices using this accesss point.

Many thanks


For encapsulation you do not need to select anything since that is going to be applying to the WAN port.  You should just have a cable from the switch directly into one of the regular LAN ports on the DSL router.  It looks like you have already given a static IP address to the DSL router of which is fine and I'm assuming the you have as the gateway is the address of the cisco router or the pix firewall.  You can try using DHCP relay and putting in the IP address of the router / firewall which you currently have setup to hand out dhcp addresses in the DHCP server field.  NAP and RIP won't have any effect if everything is plugged into the LAN ports on the ADSL router and not the WAN.
The ADSL router is a router.. As such it creates it's own network and routes traffic between all the ports that comprise the internal network(WLAN and ethernet ports) and attempts to send everthing else out the gateway port.  the gateway port on this ADSL router is ultimately going to to be the ADSL line (telephone line) and therefore nothing bound for the internet or your existing network can get there.  If you could somehow set a static route for all traffic not bound for the ADSL routers own network to go out a particular ethernet interface and use a particular ip address as the gateway you may be able to pull this off by placing a second ethernet card in a PC that already has a network connection and use internet connection sharing to share the PCs existing internet connection with the ADSL router.  That said, I would just buy a cheap access point if cost is a concern and sell the Wireless ADSL router on Ebay to offset the cost.


ShrColCommented:,0.pdf - see page 12.

Make sure you have a valid LAN IP. Ignore the internet settings. Set up the wireless and then configure a manual gateway back to your current internet gateway as per the above document. I think that should work.

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dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Unfortunately non of the trick worked at all.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
any other idea or trick are welcome...
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