Exchange 2007 tracking tab, read receipts not working

Exchange 2007 tracking tab does not get populated for Read receipts. These are for e-mails that stay inside the organization.

Here is an example:
The user sends email with delivery and read receipts requested (to users on our same Exchange 2007 server).
The delivery receipt comes back right away, and the sender opens the delivery confirmation email.
The recipient then reads the email, now a read receipt goes to the sender
The sender opens the read receipt, and also opens the attached message, the one that says "Your message was read on Wednesday..."
Now the sender goes to their sent items and looks at the sent item.
The Tracking button shows up, but when I click it, the only thing I see is the delivery confirmation, the read never shows up.
I have waited and come back to this hours later, still only the delivery receipt.

If I send a message with only the read receipt, I will get a read receipt back, but I never see any tracking tab for that sent item. Even after opening all parts of the read receipt and waiting for hours.

Receipts are going to the regular inbox folder, the sent item is staying in the regular sent items folder.
Tools, options, e-mail options, tracking options, "process requests and responses on arrival" and "Process receipts on arrival" are both checked.
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