unable to access web page on IIS7 server from other computers

I have an internal static html website that I need to move from a Windows 2003 server to it's replacement a Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS7.  

I have the website setup in IIS7 and can browse the website on the locally through the IIS7 console.  The problem is when I go to browse the page from other systems I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"  I can ping the site name and the correcrt internal ip returns responses.  I checked the firewall and port 80 is open.

I am in need of guidance.
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Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:
Hi there,

Things we can try to find out what is happening.

Telnet to test Firewall
from your PC. open CMD and do the following
   c:> telnet your.server.ip 80

  If a black screen appears, firewall is good. If it connection fails, then it is still firewalled.

Disable IE "Friendly HTTP Error Messages"
Go to “Tools > Internet Options”, choose the Advanced tab, and clear the “Show friendly HTTP error messages” checkbox.  Then, close the browser, open it again, and re-request the page.

Detailed error logging
Try the following. From IIS Management, selecting your website/application/virtual directory in the left-hand tree view, clicking on the “Error Pages” icon, clicking “Edit Feature Settings” action, and then selecting “Detailed Errors”.

Failed Request Tracing
Requires - Tracing (under World Wide Web Services - Health and Diagnostics - Tracing)


Hope it helps us diagnose further.

BMCISAdminAuthor Commented:
It was a firewall issue.  I put the web page on a subnet that we will be using and the server did not want to allow traffic to pass to it.  For now I have put the web page on the current subnet until I can figure out WS2008 firewall rules which won't be in the near future.
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