Branch office DC DNS Problem initiating VPN connection and resolving main office clients

I have a domain controller instaled in a branch office, and i use VPN/Routing and remote access to establish the VPN link between this DC and the Main office DC.
the problem that im facing is that i'm using DynDns, so when the DC starts it needs to dial the VPN connection thus i have to put our ISP DNS IP(213.x.x.20) so that the branch office resolve the IP address of my main office. but after establishing the connection it cannot resolve the client names in the main office as the primary DNS of the server is actually the ISP, so every time i have to change it back to the main office DNS IP (

is there any way to resolve this issue?
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stalliondzAuthor Commented:
i tried the proposed sollutions and nothing worked, so i had to take the DC to the main office and configure it again from scratch using the following guide:

and then took it back to our branch office (the next day after making sure that all the domain controllers have replicated successfully) and installed it and it's working just fine now.
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
Use static IP addresses. You should be able to obtain static addresses from your provider(s) for relatively little expense, if any.
if it is a DC, have it host the DNS service locally at the branch, and point it to it to iself for DNS. easiest would eb to make Dynamic DNS AD intergrated ( or alternatively zone transfer to teh branch DC.

make sure the DNs forwarder for teh Branch DC( also now DNS) point to ISP dns
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