Leave a copy of messages on the server, Outlook 2007

I have a Blackberry Curve that I get my emails sent to.  When I set up the email account on my blackberry it told me that I needed to go into my outlook and select to leave messages on the server, so I went into account settings, selected the account and selected more settings and then under the advanced tab, I selected the "Leave a copy of messagees on the server" as well as have the "Removes from the server after 1 days" selected.  So now the emails DO go to my blackberry, but now in my outlook, just about everytime it sends and receieves, it keeps picking up any emails that I have gotten, so like I receive the same email like 15 times in one day, and it hasn't stopped.  I am still receiving an email I got three days ago! Help!
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try deleting a profile and than re-creating it.
jenhilAuthor Commented:
Helped me out a little
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