can you push GPOs to windows 7 and Vista on a network that is

Windows 2003 fuctional level ?
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Yes.  Vista/Win7 should still process legacy policies that they support as well as allow for you to apply newer Vista/Win7 policies.  The difference is that you have to Administrate from a Vista/Win7 workstation (run Group Policy Management Console from a Vista/Win7 workstation while logged on as a domain administrator).  You can't administer the Vista/Win7 policies from a Server 2003 machine.
Yes, you can push GPO's to windows 7 and Vista machine at that level, however, you can not push out any 2008 based GPO's or 2003 R2 based GPO's unless the domain functional level is the same.
yes the windows 7 and XP boxes will get the GPO's settings  from the windows 2003 domain controllers.

the problem is that the windows2003 GPO edit tools  (defaulty .ADM files) will not have all the settings that Windows 7 can support so you will either have to manually import teh new windows 7 ADM files, or manualy ad entries.

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