Windows 7 Windows XP roaming profiles

What is the best way for dealing with mixed windows 7 and windows xp environments for roaming profiles. My users move around some also use laptops. I thought about using folder redirection for windows 7 to point it the windows xp profile but I think this may cause problems as not all folders are called the same in windows 7 as xp so not sure of the knock on effect also if you redirect for instance windows desktop in windows 7 will the files be available offline.
I'm looking for the cleanest way to do this.
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This causes lots of issues for people with a mixed environment. There is no compatiblity between roaming profiles on XP and windows 7 or Vista. 7 and vista use V2 profiles that are totally incompatable to XP machines. This makes moving from machine to machine very hard.

The only way of making this not a problem is by having all users documents on a central Fileserver and holding no information in the profiles other than the outlook files. users can have a seperate XP and windows 7 profile so they can use whatever version they like as long as the mapped network drives are set up in both profiles (which can be done through AD). however this is no way of syncronising the profiles cleanly that i am aware of.
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