HP Procurve 2610 - 2VLAN's - Routing in between


I do have a small problem to solve.

I want to use a HP Procurve 2610 as a router between 2 networks.
I created 2 VLANs (IP VLAN1: - VLAN2:
I activated 'ip routing' in the CLI.
In the first VLAN I have an external router that also is my gate to the internet. It has the IP address:

I also added a zero route in the switch:
ip route

A computer that is connected to VLAN1:
IP: /24

is able to surf the internet and has access to

A computer that is connected to VLAN2:
IP: /24

is NOT able to surf the internet and has NO access  (no ping) to

Now if I enter
 show ip route
within the CLI, I get:

Type: static

What do I have to do to be have internet access and communication with

Thanks in advandce....
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your show route command should have had default routes automatically configured between your directly connected (aka in the box) vlans.
Is this a production switch?  I assume you turned on IP routing after creating the vlans.
Then you'll ahve to try this:
erase startup-config
box "reboot"
Login again
first command is ip routing
set up your vlans again and ip routing should have more routes.  This won't get you from your vlans to the internet route though.
then retype your ip route command
ip route  
and everything should work, except I'm concerned about your tagging, hence the below request for show run
Which port is the internet router connected to?
can you post a show run please
On  the you need a route to via
jburgaard, that route should be inherent and already present based on HP Procurves direct connect routing strategy.  It should not have to be entered
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as far as I can see, your setup is OK:
-your client PC's do have their vlan-IP's as dgw's

-your sw's dgw is correct set to the IP of router with:
ip route  

-only you did not mention settings on the - router,
and here a route back to vlan2 IS needed.
csc4lsbAuthor Commented:
Here is what I got so far...

I erased the startup-config and set the ip routing again.
Then I created the VLANs (WEB browser) and finally listed the IP routes. The attached picture.

The device (IP: is a Astaro Firewall, which is hooked to on port 1 and has a internet connection on port 2.
I still can surf in the internet within the range but don't have a valid communication when within the range.
I even not able to ping the router itself or a computer that is hooked in VLAN1 on the switch (e.g.

On the Astaro I created a static route from into the range.

Thanks again in advance.
please post a show run of your entire switch config
csc4lsbAuthor Commented:
Hey there,

I solved it. I set up a interface static route on the Astaro. Unfortunately this is the mistake.
After changing the static route to a gateway routing, everything is working fine.

Thank you very much for all your answers and hints.

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