Planner Schedule Time & Calendar Components for Delphi

Hi Experts,
I need a Delphi component for my project.
My project is a 'Employee Time Attendance" program, that i need a component that i can create edit erase time bars on a calendar that shown employee shift and shift management.
any idea, please help me.
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Check out the following link.  There are several Gantt chart components available.  (By the way, the kinds of bars you see in MS Project are called "Gantt Charts." ;-) 

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roshdAuthor Commented:
Dear Diver,
thanks for helping but i don't want kind of MS project or Outlook calendar.
i want a component such as DBI solution schedule but it's very expensive!
You can try TMS, below is a link to a list of the individual components for their Planner set

Additionally, that is included in their component pack if you need more than just the planner:
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In my years in IT, I have found that there are three categories of things that appear on "Wish Lists":
  1. Gotta-Haves
    These are requirements/components/tools that are absolutely, unequivicably required.  These are the "Show Stoppers" that, if missing, bring a project to a halt.  For instance, if you have no server on which to install the database, then that is a Show Stopper and a "Gotta-Have."
  2. Needta-Haves:
    These are the things that, while not really Show Stoppers, can cause a good bit of extra work for the development team.  For instance, a good HTML editor falls into this category if you are doing web page work.  While you can "get by" with NotePad, a good HTML editor can make life a lot easier and the development go a lot faster.
  3. Niceta-Haves:
    These are things that, while it might be nice to have them (e.g. the little whrily-gigs to animate a web page's buttons), they are cosmetic and no where near absolutely essential.
In most cases, if a project is going to go forward, the Gotta-Haves will be funded and nobody will question the funding.  Similarly, the Neddta-Haves, if really perceived as a need and not just a want, will probably be funded, although there may need to be a good bit of justification and there may be a budget constraint placed on their acquisition.  However, the Niceta-Haves frequently suffer from budget constraints (which may include a budget of $0.00 and "leass than N hours of development time").  In either of the latter 2 cases, one commonly has to compromise between what one would really, really like to have (because it is just sooooo cool! ;-) and what one can get without going over budget.
If the components you really want to use are too expensive, then you may need to compromise in order to get components that are within your budget. ;-)
roshdAuthor Commented:
Thanks all experts,
In last month I don't get any acceptable comment and my project is time out.
so please close this question and refund my points!

IMHO, roshd's request should not be honored as it stands.  He requested "ideas" (The exact quote is "any idea, please help me.") and then rejected the offers that were made.  The basis of his rejections were not included in his original post.    
Had he initially stated that he wanted something identical to "DBI solution schedule" but, basically, for free, I would have totally ignored this request.  (I tend to ignore requests that are obviously going to be a waste of time.)  However, since irishbuddha and I both responded with suggestions, I do not think it appropriate for the points to be refunded.  Doing so will only encourage others to post questions,  reject all answers, and then request a refund . . . and how is anyone to know whether or not they use one of the suggestions?
roshdAuthor Commented:
Dear Moderator,
yes, I said "idea" but wont any idea, only useful idea can help me!
I not want abusive other experts, but I cant get my answer and not solving my problem , so you tell me what do u I do?
If I accept one of this comment so you can closed this question?
We have presented alternatives and suggestions and you have either added requirements that disqualified the proposed solutions or simply said you didn't like the style of the solution.  What you appear to be seeking also appears to not really exist, so how are we to propose a solution that a) meets your style requirements (especially given that you have only said what you do not want) and b) your apparent budget requirements when it would appear that no such solution exists.
As I said in a previous post, sometimes one has to compromise either on functionality (which includes the style/manner of the display) or on budget.  In fact, most commonly, one has to either accept the cost of what one wants or accept a less expensive but less perfect match to what one wants.
That means that you may not be able to get a solution to your problem that perfectly matches your desires.  Life seldom gives us perfect solutions and, even when it does, they usuallyy have some sort of flaw. ;-)
roshdAuthor Commented:
this solution is good but not useful for my project, I have to buy DBI Solution and use it!
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